2018 Studies in Galatians and 1 Thessalonians

Andrew Ware preaches on the main themes in Galatians, and Les Hills provides a verse-by-verse exposition of the five chapters of 1 Thessalonians.  In expounding Galatians, Andrew Ware gives a biblical explanation of the gospel, strongly defends the need to preach the gospel as it is taught in the New Testament, warns against the perils of legalism, and gives challenging exhortations on living in the Spirit. In expounding 1 Thessalonians, Les Hills explains how the gospel came to the church at Thessolanica, their testimony, Paul's sincerity in the gospel, Paul's love and care for the Thessalonians, our responsibilities in walking in Christ, and waiting and watching for Christ, and closes with warming encouragements and exhortations for believers in difficult circumstances.

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